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About Valuemax

Valuemax is a private limited liability company incorporated in 2006. We believe in providing value-maximizing consulting services and work with our clients to develop workable solutions to management challenges. We are not a regulated advisory entity and therefore our advisory services are based on our market knowledge, our expertise, and our understanding of the client. We are trusted based on our past deeds, mainly through word-of-mouth reference. 

We target enterprises that are based on solid business ideas and appreciate the value of professionalism in business management. Have an exciting project in mind? We sure want to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We champion for successful enterprises.

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Our team

Daniel Chege

Managing director

I believe in providing value to those around me and the society in general. I see myself as privileged and therefore dutybound to ...

Catherine Mbugu


I believe in translating strategy into practical implementation plans and drive change through compliance with...

Victor Magana


 I am a consultant with experience in assisting companies to implement ISO standards and achieve their strategic...

Beatrice Muthoni


I have a passion for ISO consulting, helping companies achieve excellence, improve their operations and achieve...

We take pride in empowering our customers’ journeys. We’ve partnered with diverse clients and helped them achieve their goals.

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