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We assist individuals and organizations in planning, executing, and controlling projects. We believe that you have important dreams you want to realize by undertaking your project. Most likely, these are long term dreams that you have worked on for many years. Your resources should therefore be put to the best use towards realization of these dreams. Unfortunately, many projects fail because of poor project management, whether out of ignorance or from malicious parties out to reap from where they have not sowed. 

We add value in areas like project planning, monitoring, cost reporting, risk assessments and management, procurement management and project evaluation. We work with our clients to identify the project goals and objectives, and then create and implement strategies and detailed plans to achieve those goals. Based on the unique needs of the client we also help in capacity building through training and technical assistance programs. Clients benefit by improved certainty in project implementation, cost and quality management.

We assist clients to carefully plan and implement projects based on their needs. Projects are bundles of change that require huge resources and if not properly planned and implemented, they can be costly to a business, sometimes even leading to business downfall. Common projects include a business digital transformation which may involve selection and implementation of a software, replacement of a major production line in a manufacturing entity, construction of a new building, opening of a new branch and may others. 

In providing this service, we start by understanding our client’s needs. We then plan and contract so that we can follow a specific workplan which can be monitored and, if need be, changed as the project is implemented. Cost management is critical while retaining the specifications required by the customer and delivering the project in time. We use the following principles in our project management advisory.

  1. Focus on business justification
  2. Process-based approach
  3. Defined roles and responsibilities
  4. Product-based planning based on project deliverables
  5. Detailed Project planning and management by stages
  6. Risk management through control and monitoring of progress.
  7. Exception management


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