Fraud Investigation Services

What is Fraud?Fraud is misrepresentation with intent to deceive. An investigation determines whether a fraud has actually taken place. It also quantifies the impact of fraud and helps to compile evidence for possible claim or litigation. A fraud investigation consists of the procedures necessary to resolve allegations of fraud — interviewing witnesses, assembling evidence, writing reports and dealing with prosecutors and the courts.

Why Investigate Fraud?

Fraud costs the Kenyan economy billions of shillings every year. If your organisation is the victim of fraud, you may lose significant amounts of money, and perhaps your business reputation. Stopping fraud is in everyone’s best interests, but if you have been a victim yourself, a fraud investigation is the first step towards getting compensation or your money back. Successful frauds are usually perpetuated by people with expert knowledge and information, including access to original records. It is therefore important to involve an expert investigator to ensure that the underlying cause and consequence of fraud is unearthed.

Our professionals have extensive experience in investigating various complex white-collar frauds including those relating to corporate funds, false expense reporting, manipulation of accounting systems and phantom vendors. Through our fraud risk assessment methodologies we can help in identifying the most significant risk areas to not only identify sources of a past fraud but to also help in prevention of future incidences.

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