Documentation of Business Processes & Procedures Manuals

Documentation involves the standardisation of the processes of data capture, recording, analysis and reporting. Documentation also helps to guide staff on standard policies and procedures of the organisation, thus ensuring consistency in production of goods and services. This process helps in training of new members of staff and maintaining process flow and business continuity. Primarily, this is achieved with development of a core set of standard operating procedures (SOPs).


When policies and procedures are well documented, business systems run smoothly and there is better succession planning. Documentation also helps to ensure that record keeping, compliance and reporting obligations are met. In today’s business environment where quality assurance is key, organisations are under pressure from suppliers and customers to document the process by which they do business. So, whether you are going for ISO certification or just trying to improve efficiency, consistency and quality, talk to Valuemax for advice on documented procedures. This will be a corner-stone of your management structures.

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